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The American Friends of the Brunner Cropper Club is a specialty pigeon club devoted to the promotion and advancement of the Brunner Cropper in the USA.  More importantly we are a club that promotes friendship among Brunner pouter breeders and anyone interested in the beautiful Brunner cropper.


Thoughts from the Webmaster

This has been a wonderful year for Brunner pouters. Our breed has enjoyed many nice shows across the country with lots of good fanciers promoting the breed. We continue to fill our site with articles and information on our breed. Hopefully this resource has been helpful to you. However, we also need your help. Along with our Facebook page, I would encourage anyone with pictures, articles, show results, or other pertinent information to contact me and I will work to also included them here. The quality of our site is measured by the richness of its content. Please share!

Thoughts from the President!

The American Friends of the Brunner Cropper Club saw a very successful year in 2017. With the beginning of 2018 we expect an even better year. All fanciers of the Brunner Cropper are encouraged to exhibit their birds locally, and when circumstances permit, at shows throughout the country. We are fortunate to have good breeders located throughout the country, which makes obtaining breeding stock a bit easier than in some breeds.

Having the opportunity to compare birds side by side in a show setting is a wonderful way to gauge quality and see whether or not you're headed in the right direction. Looking at photos and reading articles really helps. But the side by side comparison is the ideal. Plus the bonus of being able to talk to like minded breeders builds a support system that will encourage you in your efforts and provide you with tips to build a competitive group of Brunners.

Sharing photos through social media is quick and easy so we look forward to seeing photos from everyone. No need to feel apprehensive. We have a good group of breeders that will help to guide us in the right direction.

Best wishes for a productive breeding season in 2018. I look forward to seeing photos of your birds and to meeting you in person at shows throughout the U.S. This year I expect to attend the Great Western in Watsonville, CA; the Premier Show in Salt Lake City, UT; the Pageant of Pigeons in Ontario, CA; the Leipzig Show in Germany; the National in Myrtle Beach, SC; and the Hurricane, UT show. Lots of fun awaits!

Message Board

Club Photos!


Starting in 2016 we have been posting all new club pictures to our Facebook Group. Please join us and check it out!



Note: We will continue to keep our legacy pictures here in our Photo Gallery.

In consideration of some health challenges in 2016/2017

Please remember and be sure to;

  • Vaccinate your birds

  • Isolate new birds and those returning from shows

  • Disinfect regularly

  • Provide sufficient vitamins and minerals

  • Add immunity boosting tonics, probiotics, etc

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Club Officers

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President: Layne Gardner

Secretary / Treasurer:  Mike Hughes

Bulletin Editor: Bob Bollinger

To join the AFBCC, fill out the following form and send your dues to:


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Mike Hughes

Morenci, AZ

Contact Information

We are an NPA Affiliated Club

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding our site, please contact:

Bob Bollinger



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